"AS YOU THINK SO SHALL YOU BECOME"                                                          -BRUCE LEE


I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to train with Lila for the past several years.  Over that time, I have seen dramatic improvements in my fitness.  Not only have I lost weight, but I have also experienced tremendous improvement in my strength, flexibility and stamina.  Lila has provided me with great nutritional advice while designing and supervising customized workouts that continuously challenge me beyond what I would ever be able to do on my own.  Since my training with Lila began, I have been able lower my blood pressure and weight while reducing or eliminating the amount of medications I had been taking for years.  The benefits transcend health.  Because of my training, I am able to participate in and enjoy numerous activities that would be difficult or impossible without the fitness benefits my work with Lila has produced.  Lila’s expertise, dedication and consistency have combined to greatly improve my health and quality of life.  Beyond all of that, Lila is a wonderful, funny young woman who makes working out a lot of fun!

John McCauley, 47


Five years ago at the age of 62 I made the decision to try and improve my health.  So I took the big step and was introduced to Lila, my trainer and friend today.  I was 62 years of age and had never worked out in a gym or fitness facility in my life.  With Lila's help and guidance I lost weight, improved my cardiovascular health and made a wonderful friend in the process.  According to my doctor, I am one of the healthiest 67 year old men he knows and quite frankly, I feel that way too!  The only regret I have is not starting when I was in my twenties. 

Larry Haire, 67


Both my wife and I journeyed to SC determined to enjoy the environs and to get in shape.   We found Lila Bennett and for the next month we worked out under her supervision three times per week.  Her unique ability to push us to our safe limits and make us enjoy it at the same time was a major plus.  I am a lifelong exercise avoider and I did not miss a single one of our 12 sessions.  She combines a great sense of humor with great professionalism.   While other trainers were gazing around the gym as their charges were doing their reps Lila watches each move carefully, commenting on form or lack of it.  Both Ruth and I ended up feeling great on our vacation and hopefully starting off a new regimen of exercise recommended by Lila.  

Jim Austin 68…Ruth Austin 65


Lila Bennett is a truly excellent trainer. She structured our sessions to help me achieve my own personal fitness goals, and pushed me to work harder while also encouraging and supporting me. Lila works on building the whole person - physically, emotionally, and mentally. She provided me with work out techniques to use at home to keep me motivated, and also helped me develop better eating habits and a more balanced lifestyle. Lila is extremely knowledgeable personal trainer who knows a lot about exercise  and nutrition, and because of her efforts, I am stronger, healthier, and more confident in myself. I highly recommend Lila Bennett, and can say that she is truly one of the best trainers I have had the opportunity to work with.

Lindsey, 26


I have worked with Lila biweekly as my personal trainer for two years. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient and supportive. Her unique background in nutrition and fitness enable her to personalize training sessions to fit anindividual clients' needs. My sessions have had the perfect combination of tough and warm as she works to motivate me to fulfill my fitness goals. Due to her diverse training, no two sessions have ever been the same - Thank God since she pushes you to give your all! They have been fun while challenging my mind, body and at times....spirit! She will definitely have a positive effect on how you look and feel. I recommend working with her without reservation!

Kimberly, 47


 I was tired of life, overweight, out-of-shape and deeply depressed!  I sought out professional help from a therapist, tried medication and finally decided to seek a different type of professional help…a fitness trainer. I met Lila in August 2011 and started training with her once a week.  Lila explained to me that a total change in lifestyle was needed she helped me with nutrition counseling, cardio workouts, and body shaping.  I’m eight months into the program now and still have not reached my ultimate goal, but hard work has paid off.  I’ve lost 30pounds and 3 pant sizes, but I’m most proud of the muscle mass that I’ve gained and the inches lost.  I’m feeling better and looking better; making the decision and commitment to seek a personal trainer is a gift that I’ve given myself and one that I won’t be exchanging.

 -Tracy H. Davis, 45


 Lila has been my personal trainer for over five years and has guided me through the ups and downs of fitness challenges!  Her background, experience and knowledge regarding fitness, health and nutrition have been invaluable in helping me strive to achieve my personal goals.   

Two years ago, I was involved in an automobile accident in which I sustained a serious injury to my knee, resulting in advanced and debilitating osteo-arthritis.  With a genuine concern for my recovery, Lila developed an individualized fitness plan which helped me regain strength and mobility. But as much as we accomplished in my physical recovery, Lila's warm, compassionate and encouraging personality really pulled me through a very difficult time.  To date, I have not had to undergo a knee replacement, and I can truly credit Lila's knowledge, commitment, encouragement and creative exercise program for the positive results I have seen.

Lila sets the standard by which a personal trainer should be measured

-Robin Wiggs, 51